How to search for stock photos?

You will see a search box near the top of the page. Type your search term or keyword in the field and click the ‘search’ button. If you don’t immediately find what you need just add or remove keywords to broaden or narrow the search. Alternatively you can click ‘Images by Category’ in the main menu bar, choose the category you are interested in, and then browse through the images. If we do not have the image you are looking for then images from other photographers in my stock photography network will be displayed for your convenience.

How to buy our stock photos?

Just click the image thumbnail and the full preview image will open, then select the size you want to purchase. The image is then added to your cart. If you clicked the wrong size you can edit your cart before checking out with PayPal. If you want more images to be added to the cart, just keep searching and repeat the same process. When you are ready to purchase the images you have chosen, you can click the green download button, or just click on your username in the top right corner next to the shopping cart. You can then check to see if you have all the images and check their sizing. Before you purchase, please click the link under the price and size options, or in the main menu bar, called ‘EULA/legal’ to be certain the image you want to license falls in the ‘permitted uses’ category. Please read the standard license carefully. If you need an extended license please contact us directly and I can quote you a price depending on how you plan to use the image.

When you select the image size ,you will be prompted for inputing your user name and password, if you don’t have an account ,you need to register. Or you can just click ‘register’ on the top right menu. Input your e-mail address and click register, your username and automatically generated password will be emailed to you. For your convenience, you can also login to our site with your facebook, twitter and google account(Just scroll down to the bottom of the login/registration page and click appropriate icon ). Please take note that we don’t store your social media password on our site. If you already have an account, you can just log in. For searching and browsing the images you don’t need an account. Registration is only needed when you want to purchase an image. After you make a purchase the photo will be available in your account for downloading.

How to pay?

When you make the purchase you will be redirected to the PayPal site. You can use your PayPal account or pay by credit card. All credit card payments are handled directly by PayPal in a secure environment. Once you complete the transaction in PayPal, you can go back to the Customer Area, and your images will be available for downloading. If your images still show in the checkout area, refresh (F5) your browser tab.

What does Royalty Free mean?

Royalty Free DOES NOT mean that the images are free, or that you can give them away once you have purchased them. Rather it refers to the terms of the license that you are agreeing to when purchasing an image. Essentially, it means that once you have purchased the image you will not pay to use it again for different purposes (unless your purpose falls outside of the license agreement terms – read more here). One purchase, many uses. Remember that the agreement, or license, is between you and the artist alone, so you cannot pass this image on to anyone else or share it over the Internet.